What To Expect When You Tour a Holiday by Atria Community

Nervous about touring a senior living community? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Researching online to find the right independent senior living community for yourself or a loved one might seem like the simplest way to do it. While it’s a quick and easy first step and you can learn a lot… you won’t learn everything.

Taking time to visit a community to talk with the residents, meet the staff and see the location in person can help you fill in the blanks.

Here are five things to know before you take a tour.


  1. When and how to schedule a tour
  2. What to bring with you during a tour
  3. What happens during the tour
  4. Who should come to a tour
  5. What to look for and what to ask during a tour


    1. When and how to schedule a tour

    “The earlier the better,” says Jacob Raptosh, Divisional Sales Director at Holiday.

    “Admitting that things for yourself or the older adult in your life are changing can be tough, but it’s important to be honest about it.”

    Noticing things like changes in memory, struggling to maintain a home, giving up a driver’s license or losing a spouse are all major life changes that could be a sign of the need to start getting ready for a potential change in living arrangements. When you notice changes like those, start the research process, including scheduling tours at senior living communities.

    “We always recommend scheduling your visit,” says Raptosh, “but you’re also welcome to walk into any of our communities for an impromptu visit between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm.”

    If visiting in person is too hard, you can always schedule an online virtual visit.

    2. What to bring with you during a tour

    It can help to bring a wish list of things like location, amenities, costs, and even things like socialization or community feel. Having a good understanding of your budget and being honest with Holiday community leaders about what you’re looking for can make the process of moving into senior living much easier.

    Whenever possible, bring notes or a history of events that prompted the need for the move. They can help keep the conversation with the community team centered around finding the best solution.

    Bringing a list of any other senior living communities you’re considering and questions about the differences between them can also be helpful.

    Raptosh suggests that you bring along any other decision-makers during your visit.

    “This helps make the decision a collaborative one and takes some of the weight of the process off one single person.”

    3. What happens during the tour

    For a typical tour, you should expect to spend some time talking with the community sales manager or other team members before walking around the community itself.

    “This first conversation is so important. Being as transparent as possible with our senior living experts makes sure they can assist you in figuring out if relocating to a senior living community may be the right next step,” says Raptosh.

    After this initial talk, a community team member will take you on a walkthrough of the community. That’s when you’ll learn a lot more about the amenities, social activities and other important details. You’ll have the opportunity to view a private apartment home option that may be a good choice based on your initial conversation with the community team. In many cases, they might also show you a furnished model apartment home so that you and your guests can easily visualize furniture placement, storage space and more.

    When your community walk is completed, you can expect to have a conversation with a community team leader. Details like pricing, availability, any current promotional offers and next steps will be discussed, all of which will be detailed in writing and shared with you.

    4. Who should come to a tour

    “There’s really no one-size-fits-all answer,” says Raptosh.

    “For some, it could be best for an initial ‘scout’ to preview the community first. This is usually an older child of the potential resident. For others, bringing the whole family might be the right first step.”

    Your Holiday community sales team can help you determine who might be best suited to make the initial visit. Just reach out to the community directly if you need help deciding who would be best to take that first tour.

    5. What to look for and what to ask during a tour

    Understanding the differences between your Holiday community and other senior living options is one of the most important distinctions you’ll want to learn about during a visit. Things like pricing, amenities and services at the location, plus not being too far from doctor’s offices, favorite stores, and family and friends nearby are all important factors. Make sure you learn about all of these details.

    Meeting current residents and team members like salon operators and on-site care providers is important, too. The community team member you tour with will be happy to introduce you to some of these people during your visit. You can even get a taste of the dining experience by sitting down with residents to try one of our healthy meals prepared fresh three times a day.

    Adds Raptosh, “Don’t forget to ask about our special events. We have them every month. They’re very popular with residents and there’s something for everybody. If you’d like to stop by for one, we’re happy to save you a seat.”

    Make it count

    We want to make sure you leave your tour feeling well informed and with a plan that helps you move forward. Take all the time you need to ask questions, make connections and learn about the day-to-day life that’s made so many people choose to call Holiday home.

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