Testimonials from Residents of Holiday by Atria Senior Living

See how moving to an independent living community can help older adults make new friends.

"I've really come to love a lot of the people here. They're like my adopted family" - Martha, Holiday by Atria Resident

Older adults move to independent living communities for a variety of reasons. Living a simple life in retirement usually tops the list, along with a need to downsize and let go of the responsibilities of maintaining a home.

If you’re considering a move to a retirement community, it may be helpful to hear about the experiences of actual residents. Read what they have to say about independent living for seniors.

Martha, Holiday by Atria Resident
Martha, Holiday resident

Modern senior living offers Martha a higher quality of life.

Martha is a retired pediatrician. Several years ago, a serious illness left her partially handicapped and wheelchair dependent, but able to live on her own with help from her husband.

“It was easy for us to live independently,” said Martha. “My husband had the ability to do the things I couldn’t. Once he passed away, that’s when I needed more help.”

Martha became a resident of Holiday when she decided to move 200 miles south to be near her sons.

“Family means support, love, caring, engagement,” said Martha. “I see my sons on a fairly regular basis, but their jobs keep us from seeing more of each other. They work long hours and one travels for work several times a month.”

“I’ve really come to love a lot of the people here,” said Martha. “They’re like my adopted family.”

Martha says living in a community setting with scheduled events and mealtimes offers plenty of opportunities for social interaction, which she values. And she no longer worries about the responsibilities that go along with home ownership.

“The services here are stellar,” she said. “The housekeeping staff are just wonderful. They really care about the residents.”

“If someone isn’t familiar with independent living for seniors, they should come visit this community,” said Martha. “They may be pleasantly surprised.”

“It’s afforded me a great quality of life.”

Deanne, Holiday by Atria Resident
Deanne, Holiday resident

Making friends is easy with neighbors right next door.

When asked the secret to her 45-year marriage, Deanne winks and says being able to “put up with each other” while taking the good with the bad.

Today, the couple lives at Holiday, where Deanne’s husband receives daily personal assistance from an onsite, third-party care provider, and Deanne enjoys the social connection she craves.

“I think staying social is what keeps you young,” said Deanne. “It’s probably the most important thing. You can make friends here and go places, play games or just sit and talk.”

“I am very quiet, and it takes a long time to get to know me,” she said. “I’m not the kind of person that just walks up and says hello – well, I do now. They’ve made it easy for me here.”

Speaking of easy, Deanne also values all-inclusive services like housekeeping.

“I love that I don’t have to clean my apartment,” she said. “They do such a good job, and they want you to be pleased.”

“The management and staff are amazing. They’ll do anything for you.”

“Really and truly, this is not someone asking me to say these things,” emphasized Deanne. “I’m saying all this because I really like it here.”

And as for Zoey, her furry companion?

“She loves it here,” said Deanne. “She’s the community’s dog now, not just mine!”

Terry, Holiday by Atria resident
Terry, Holiday resident

All-inclusive senior living makes good financial sense.

After the rent on his apartment increased, Terry knew he needed an alternate living option.

“I started looking into retirement communities because they included everything I needed: food, electricity, transportation to doctors’ appointments and to buy groceries,” said Terry. “It seemed like a better option for me.”

When he walked into a nearby Holiday community, he was impressed.

“It was like a hotel, like something you would see on TV, and I said, ‘wow.’”

Eight years after moving in, Terry says he’s found a true home at Holiday.

“There are a lot of people the same age, and we like to do the same things,” said Terry. “We play games here and go out to see baseball games, that sort of thing. It’s a good community.”

“I’ve made friends at the dining table, too,” said Terry. “Everyone wants to sit at our table. So, we either have to expand our table or find some way to include more people. It’s a very friendly group.”

“I think friends are important,” said Terry. “We connect when we’re sad, when we’re happy. There’s a need to come together.”

“We also clown around with one another, just being funny. That seems to be a draw.”

Whether it’s a resident or a staff member, Terry says he loves them all.

“They’re great,” he said. “Jennifer our general manager keeps things rolling. She has that spark. We have one server named Lily who comes in every morning and calls out ‘Good morning!’ at breakfast and it brightens our day.”

“Living here makes me feel good,” said Terry. “I would wholeheartedly recommend this place to any of my friends.”

“Come live here and be as happy as I am.”

If you or someone you know needs help understanding senior living options, we can guide you. Find a Holiday by Atria community near you and schedule a visit today.

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