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Company Celebrates 220th Confirmed Clinic and Thanks Providers for Support

WINTER PARK, Fla. (February 25, 2021) Less than three weeks ago, Holiday Retirement had only 100 communities with vaccine access. Through hard work, creativity, and simply the help of local neighborhood vaccine providers across the country, Holiday has now scheduled their 220th community receiving access to the COVID 19 vaccine this week. The ongoing effort to vaccinate residents living in independent living has been no small feat. Now with 85% of communities with a confirmed vaccine provider, all communities are on track to be scheduled by the end of February.

“I think Holiday has done a great job keeping us safe through this pandemic and we appreciate all the hard work and effort,” said Alfred and Joyce Flippin, residents at Mission Commons in Redlands, California. “We felt very relieved to be able to get the vaccine and it was very much appreciated.”

Ruby and Rocky Zeller, who live at Thornton Place in Topeka, Kansas and have been married for nearly 70 years, had no hesitation about getting the vaccine. “Just knowing that we’re safe and can be around our children safely feels like the first step,” said Ruby. Rocky added, “Being able to mingle again,” will hopefully bring about a sense of normalcy to everyday life.

Providers from all over the country have answered the call for help over the last few weeks. Holiday community teams have reached out to county and state health departments, small pharmacies, grocery store pharmacies, and even fire departments, all of which have had a hand in scheduling vaccine clinics for communities. In some instances, several days’ notice has been given to prepare for a clinic, in other cases a quick turnaround—even less than 24 hours— has been necessary. A key component to success has been getting communities prepared ahead of time in the event that a last-minute clinic becomes an option.

“With continued prioritization challenges with independent living, local vaccine partners have stepped up to the plate and provided hope to our residents and associates after an incredibly challenging year,” said Lilly Donohue, Chief Executive Officer at Holiday. “This has been a much-anticipated step forward, helping to get back to life as we knew it, and even better, in our communities.”

Holiday is thankful to have the support of the following providers to help fulfil their mission of helping older people live better.

  • Access Pharmacy
  • Accupharm
  • Adams County Public Health – 2 communities
  • Albertsons – 32 communities
  • Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
  • Baptist Health
  • Bear River Health Department
  • Belleair Pharmacy
  • Benton County Health Department
  • Berkshire Community College
  • Bloom Health Care -- 4 communities
  • Blue Cross Mobile Vaccine Clinic
  • Burkes Drug Store
  • Cabarrus County Health – 2 communities
  • Catawba County Health Department
  • Colorado Department of Public Health
  • CDR
  • City of Allen Fire Department
  • Clark County Health – 2 communities
  • Colliers Pharmacy
  • Columbia County Health Department
  • Commonshare Non-Profit Pharmacy
  • CVS – 10 communities
  • Davis Drugs
  • DEMA and Northside Hospital
  • Denbigh Pharmacy
  • Denby Pharmacy
  • Drug Mart – 2 communities
  • East Longmeadow Fire Department
  • East Shore Pharmacy
  • Eau Claire County
  • Emergency Management
  • Forsyth County – 2 communities
  • Garfield Medical Center
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Grace Community Pharmacy
  • Green Valley Pharmacy
  • Guilford Co Health Department
  • Hamilton Co Health Department
  • Hamot Hospital
  • Health Department
  • Health Park Pharmacy – 2 communities
  • Health Smart Pharmacy
  • Home Park Pharmacy
  • Horton Drugs
  • Hyvee Pharmacy
  • Jewel Osco
  • Kent County Health Department
  • Kings County Health Department
  • Kinney Drugs
  • Kohlls Pharmacy
  • Kroger Pharmacy
  • LA County Mobile Clinic
  • Louisiana Department of Health
  • Lady of the Lamp
  • Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy
  • Lane County Health Department
  • Leon County Health Department
  • Liberty Doctors
  • Lincoln-Lancaster County
  • Louis Morgan Drugs
  • Lubbock County Health Department
  • Lynn Vega Pharmacy
  • Mac's Pharmacy
  • Maine Immunization Program
  • Marion County Health Department
  • Mecklenburg County – 2 communities
  • Medicap Pharmacy – 2 communities
  • Medicine Shoppe
  • Medsave
  • Metro Health
  • Michael's Pharmacy
  • Mills Pharmacy
  • Missouri Health Department
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Mobile Immunization Solutions
  • Monroe County Health Department
  • Montgomery County Health Department
  • Napa County Public Health
  • National Guard Medical Unit – 2 communities
  • New Hanover County Health Department
  • Nomi Healthcare
  • North Village Pharmacy
  • Northern Light Health
  • Oakland County Health Department
  • Parkview Regional Hospital - Mirro
  • Pasco County Health Department
  • Passport Health – 4 communities
  • Pathway Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy at Wellington
  • Phillips Family Pharmacy
  • Polk County Health Department
  • Prisma Healthcare
  • Red River Pharmacy
  • Rite Aide
  • Roger's Pharmacy
  • Safeway – 3 communities
  • Sedgwick County Health Department
  • Scott County Health Department
  • Seminole County Health Department
  • Sharron Regional Health
  • Shawnee County Health Department
  • Sierra View Medical
  • Sierra Vista Hospital
  • Smith County Health Department
  • South Central Public Health
  • St Bethlehem Drugs
  • St. Claire County Health Department
  • Strafford County HN
  • Texan Pharmacy
  • The Drug Store
  • The Walk in Clinic of Greeley
  • Thrive (Area on Aging)
  • Twelvestone Health Partners
  • U Save It Pharmacy
  • Unity Health
  • University of Hawaii Maui College
  • Virginia Health Department
  • Valley View RX – 7 communities
  • Vita Local Pharmacy
  • WA State Dept of Health
  • Walgreens – 12 communities
  • Walla Walla County
  • Weber County Health Department
  • Western Montana Incident Management
  • Yakima County Emergency Management
  • Yamhill County Health Department

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