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When you get to a certain age, you might start envisioning what your life would look like if you had more time to do the things you enjoy. At the same time, you want the peace of mind knowing that if an emergency situation were to occur, you will have immediate access to assistance. Holiday Retirement delivers on both fronts by providing you with all-inclusive senior living giving you the freedom to enjoy your life while providing 24/7 emergency response through the Lively Mobile Plus device at no additional charge.

Lively Mobile Plus Goes Wherever Your Adventures Take You

This GPS-enabled personal medical device protects you far beyond our community walls, it will give you immediate access to Lively Mobile Plus Certified Agents anywhere in the United States.

Lively Mobile Plus provides you with two-way communication with highly trained agents who are there to assist you 24/7, with medical emergencies and more. Holiday Retirement is one of the only senior living communities in the United States offering our residents this assistance at no extra charge. You will literally have a personal assistant at the press of a button, anytime, anywhere in the U.S.

Inforgraphic on Lively Mobile Plus features

More Reasons to Get Excited About Your Lively Mobile Plus

From your first day in your new home, the Lively Mobile Plus will be your 24/7 personal assistant and medical emergency companion. The device and service are included at Holiday senior living communities; there are no additional charges for this peace of mind service.

At the press of a button, you are connected with a caring, highly trained Certified Agent who is there to assist you, and ready to help. Also, the agents are certified by the IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch), trained in CPR and other emergency protocols, and able to provide translation support for assistance in over 100 languages.

Because the Lively Mobile Plus is not attached to your home, you can go anywhere with it and still have the peace of mind that emergency assistance is just the click of a button away. The mobility is powered by the nation’s most reliable network.* The device is also waterproof, so you can hang it around your neck in the shower and use it outside without fear of getting it wet.

By having access to immediate assistance, you can continue to do all the things you enjoy doing. Plus, you will have confidence in knowing that should you need urgent or non-urgent help, you can connect with a certified agent at any moment.

How Lively Mobile Plus Agents Can Assist You

Lively Mobile Plus is there for you to use for more than emergencies; it’s truly your personal assistant.

You can use Lively Mobile Plus for

  • Vehicle assistance if your car breaks down or you have a flat tire.
  • Lockout assistance if you lock yourself out of your car or home.
  • Navigation assistance around town or across the nation.

You can even connect with a friendly voice, any time, any day when you need someone to talk to. We all get lonely sometimes, and a certified agent is happy to listen.

How Your Lively Mobile Plus Handles an Emergency

Time is of the essence in an emergency. When you push the button, you can expect immediate and professional assistance from Certified Agents.

Thanks to a built-in GPS and dependable nationwide coverage, Lively Mobile Plus urgent response agents can identify your location, assess the situation, and send the appropriate help—including dispatching 911 emergency services. Agents will stay on the line with you until the situation is resolved; they can also conference in a registered nurse, family, and friends.

In addition to your Holiday management team who are dedicated to your safety and security, the Lively Mobile Plus agents offer you additional peace of mind during natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms and wildfires. One push of a button and you can receive timely information about the developing situation and the agents can dispatch assistance if necessary.

More Options From Your Lively Mobile Plus

The Lively Mobile Plus includes a special feature to keep your friends and family updated on your health and safety. Only with your permission, the free Lively Mobile Link app can send an alert to their smartphone if you call for help. The system will also notify them if your device runs low on battery; additionally, they can check your daily activities and know your location.

All the Lively Mobile Plus services mentioned above are included in your monthly lease. However, you can add automatic fall detection for an additional monthly fee.

The automatic fall detection device can sense the sudden movement of a fall when you wear it around your neck—even in the shower. Even if you were unable to press the button, you would automatically be connected to a Lively Mobile Plus urgent response agent.

graphic about the 24/7 nature of Lively Mobile Plus

Perhaps, the greatest value Lively Mobile Plus delivers is that you can confidently continue enjoying your life and maintaining your lifestyle. With nationwide access to an Urgent Response Agent, you can get out and explore your local communities, travel around the country, try new things and meet new friends along the way. Meanwhile, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that you can at any time immediately get a hold of an Urgent Response Agent—highly trained in emergency and non-emergency situations.

When you visit a Holiday Retirement community, seeing the beautiful homes, premises, and activities, and meeting some of our community members and staff will instantly connect you with the lifestyle you envision. The reassurance that Lively Mobile Plus provides you will help you take your vision far beyond the community. Isn’t the whole point of living in an independent retirement community to maintain your independence for as long as possible?

*Consistently rated the most reliable network and best overall network performance in the Country by IHS Markit’s RootScore Reports.