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Age is more than accumulated aches and wisdom. It's a superpower. It's hard won lessons and an unshakable sense of self. It's the ability to discern what truly matters and the understanding of the strength it takes to navigate life. It's a curious thing that as people grow old, many seniors become invisible. A problem to be solved. A burden to be carried.


When really, age makes you a resource waiting to be tapped. We know because we see it everyday. We believe more people should see what we see. No one is better equipped to evaluate a senior living community as your "next best place to home". But we’re here to help you navigate what you need to know to make your decision. Our dedicated staff is always happy to answer questions and help you get a taste of life at Holiday Retirement.

What are your concerns?

Making the decision to move to a senior living community is an emotional and stressful process. It is important to identify your concerns and take steps to understand what independent senior living is in order to make the best decision.

Navigating the Right Type of Care
Choosing a Senior Living Community
Embracing Socialization
Staying Physically and Mentally Active
Take Comfort with a Sense of Safety
The Next Best Thing to Home
Transitioning to Independent Living
What Type of Lifestyle Do You Want

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