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How Is a Senior Living Community Different?

As we grow older, most of us find that many of our day-to-day tasks gradually become more and more difficult. Maintaining a house, cleaning rooms, and completing yard work often becomes an overwhelming burden. Even essential activities like cooking can become nearly impossible when a senior’s physical abilities decline. Many older adults find it hard to travel, run errands, or drive a vehicle, which can lead to feelings of helplessness and isolation.

These are all factors that can lead to a lower quality of life and negatively impact a person’s life expectancy. However, many find a welcoming alternative by transitioning to an independent senior living community. Many of these communities foster a feeling of family, allowing residents to interact with one another, enjoy hobbies, and participate in rewarding activities. This eliminates focusing on daily chores.

Independent living for seniors is far from what typically comes to mind, as residents still have full reign of their daily routines and choices. All-inclusive independent senior housing communities simply provide an extra layer of safety and support that allows seniors to focus on what matters most: living life to the fullest. 

If you or someone you care about is considering moving into an independent living community, the following will describe what independent living is like and whether it will be a good fit for your needs.


Why Senior Independent Living Is Right for You

Senior independent living is the perfect choice for older adults who are looking to streamline the difficult aspects of life. Many seniors at Holiday retirement communities had grown tired of living in and caring for homes with far too much space, having to drive themselves everywhere, and missing out on valuable social interaction. After moving into our communities, these seniors often feel a newfound sense of enjoyment with life, as their days now revolve around their needs and wants instead of the needs created by their living situation. Many dive back into old hobbies or discover a new passion, enjoy foods they’ve never before tried, and meet people from all walks of life with whom they can share quality time and friendship. 

By offering affordable independent living for seniors, we’ve found that we’ve given many older adults a new lease on life — one that allows them to focus on themselves after decades of putting everything else first.

Benefits of Independent Senior Living 

The cost of independent senior living is around $2,800 each month, but when you consider all the benefits that are included in a single, monthly fee, it is often less expensive than continuing to live at home. The primary benefits and services for independent living include:

  • Apartment unit or cottage, including utilities

  • Three chef-prepared meals, snacks, and rotating dining options each day

  • Linen cleaning and light housekeeping services

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Transportation to local restaurants, shopping, doctors appointments, and more

  • Personal emergency response device

  • Helpful, on-site staff assistance

  • Monthly social calendar of events, group activities, recreation, and more



Living Independently with Assistance

If a senior is not fully independent, they may need to live in an assisted living environment. There are a few differences between independent living vs. assisted living, with the biggest being the amount of hands-on assistance that staff members provide. Assisted living is also a bit more expensive, averaging at around $4,000 per month.

Some seniors may be able to complete most personal tasks, such as maintaining hygiene and getting dressed with relative ease. However, they may have difficulty sorting medications. In these situations, a resident can opt for a senior assistance care provider, or home health aide, instead of transitioning into an assisted living community.

Hiring an in-home care provider for certain tasks is often more affordable than assisted living, as seniors can choose which services they would like to pay for. By doing so, they won’t be contributing extra payments to services they simply don’t need. Home aides for seniors will typically provide assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, using the restroom, completing light chores, and taking medication. In many instances, aides even provide companionship and provide seniors someone to converse with.

Signs Independent Living Is Not Right for You

While in-home options can help many seniors remain living in an independent environment, there are some cases where it is simply not feasible. An assisted living community may be more suitable if a senior has one or more of the following:

  • Cognitive issues that affect memory and mental function

  • Declining motor skills

  • Mobility issues

  • Problems seeing, eating, bathing, getting around, using the restroom, dressing

  • Issues taking medication as instructed

These are often the largest barriers to independent living for older individuals. At a certain point, hiring outside providers to assist with these tasks is more costly than simply moving into an assisted living environment. At an assisted living community, seniors are helped out by staff members around the clock who can help with tasks as needed. Beyond the additional care, however, residents are still able to enjoy the same amenities and services provided at independent living communities.



When to Make the Move to Independent Senior Living

The average age of independent living residents is around 84, and most seniors decide to begin the transition between the ages of 75 and 85. However, our communities are open to anyone aged 55 or older, which provides a wide range of versatility for people who may be ready to have their needs taken care of earlier on. In fact, our age demographic tends to skew to the younger side.

One of the largest draws of independent senior living is the peace of mind that these communities provide. Seniors live in a secure environment with multiple safety measures in place, and they are able to focus on the more fulfilling aspects of life, such as socializing, enjoying hobbies, participating in events, and simply relaxing. Senior living allows older adults to enjoy the golden years of their lives to the fullest.

Senior Independent Living Communities Near Me

There are many options for independent living communities throughout the United States, and each one has its own unique culture, environment, social events, and more. Each Holiday Retirement senior independent living community is different, but we make it easy to learn more about our locations through our easy-to-use community finder tool. Simply enter the city or zip code of the location where you’d like to live, whether that’s close to home or in another part of the country, and view the available options. 

From there, you can navigate to the community you’re interested in and learn more about the specific amenities and services available. When you decide to take the next step, you can call the facility directly or schedule an appointment for a virtual or in-person tour. You can also contact one of our helpful representatives, who are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding locations, services, costs, and more. We’re excited to help you take the first step toward a more comfortable and enjoyable life today.

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