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You can experience the seven dimensions of wellness at Holiday Retirement communities! Using a well-rounded calendar of activities designed to stimulate the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, creative, social, and vocational dimensions of your health, you will lead a richer, healthier, more satisfying life. And science proves that being active and socially connected as we age is important to our overall well-being:

  • Live longer. Older adults who stay active and connected to peer groups through work or recreation live longer than those who don't. Seniors who lead active social lives with a variety of people outside their family network may activate the release of beneficial hormones, such as oxytocin. This hormone can lower cortisol, reduce stress and pain, and stimulate the growth of brain cells. Even eye contact with strangers can boost mood and help you live longer as a result.

  • Be healthier. While increased social contact is associated with an uptick in antiviral immunity, isolation could make you more susceptible to infectious diseases. Scheduling regular social activities at senior living communities can reduce the risk of developing some age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

  • Become happier. A recent survey found that 70% of those living in senior living communities felt they "often enjoyed life" in the past week, compared to 48% of non-residents. Spending time with friends and participating in group activities plays a role in reducing the symptoms of isolation, and promotes psychological well-being. Creative outlets that encourage self-expression like music or dance help prevent depression.

  • Boost your brain. Socializing with others and engaging in physical activity can improve mental health, and a strong social support system is proven to aid in both immediate and delayed recall memory. Researchers state that a variety of activities is more beneficial to you than participating in only one.

Everything in One Place

And you are in luck! The Holiday365 (H365) platform gives you a clear view of what's happening in your senior living community. Access information about your senior apartments including the popularity of available activities, resident comments, and activity requests. It is also a one-stop shop for other needs. Request maintenance, find transportation, make rent payments, and even stay in touch with fellow residents. Our Resident Experience Coordinators will be able to plan events based on the feedback they see on H365, working to schedule a variety of activities that meets everyone's needs.

At Holiday Retirement, our goal is to provide opportunities for you to enjoy your favorite activities, but also help you discover new passions. Do as much or as little as you want to, on any particular day. After all, it’s your retirement!

While activities vary by community, our core programs include body, mind, spirit. Here are some examples of activities in our communities that help bring people together, start conversations, add some movement, and bring on laughter:

Seasonal Games

As the weather changes outdoors, so do the indoor games! Favorite events include karaoke and lip synching contests, indoor skiing, Winter Olympic games, and dance contests. We also hold Spotlight Events, and celebrate fun, little-known holidays such as National Fried Chicken Day or Friendship Day. Do you have a favorite holiday? Make a suggestion! Your community Executive Chef may get involved with a special menu.


Friendly competition is good for the brain no matter the time of year. Residents can create teams or play singles in Euchre, Cribbage, Blackjack, or other popular card games. Most retirement communities have game rooms that include rotating options including Wii Bowling, beanbag baseball, balloon volleyball, or Bingo.

Tech Tuesdays

Learn about new technology from local professionals. Visit new worlds using virtual reality. Learn to navigate social media platforms such as TikTok or meeting platforms such as Zoom. And just so you don't miss a single activity, learn about Holiday365 by attending in-person tutorials.

3 seniors using laptops and tablets sitting at a table with an associate helping them

Arts and Crafts

From painting classes and bead art, to seasonal crafts and special events with artists, our independent living communities offer ways to feed your creativity and self-expression. Want to try another activity with your new friends? Make a request for a different form of art or craft.

seniors painting at a table

Pool Noodle Hockey

Move over Wayne Gretzky! Residents divide into teams with colored pool noodles instead of hockey sticks. Players try to get the ball through the other team's goal while staying seated. There is no penalty box in this game only fun!

Say Hello, Spin a Yarn

Residents toss a ball of yarn to other residents and introduce themselves. Each person holds the string of yarn, but tosses the yarn ball to another person in the group. New residents are included in the toss, and part of a web of yarn that illustrates how we are all connected.


Lace up those cross trainers you can stay physically active at Holiday Retirement Communities. Check out your favorite fitness classes such as yoga, tai chi, or group walking clubs. Or go to H365 to see what is popular.

seniors walking outdoors ready for a physical activity with towels and yoga mats

Share Your Story

You can share your special skills or your life story with residents. Are you a weaver? An author? A printmaker? Tell your community about your talents, or attend resident demonstrations using their own particular expertise.


Practice your putt-putt skills! Maneuver around strategically placed obstacles, complete tasks, and putt-putt to the finish line. Some Holiday Retirement senior living communities even create their own putt-putt pop-up events.

Social Hour

Have fun and make friends at an old-fashioned social mixer. Brush up your party introductions, catch up on news, and help newcomers feel welcome at your Holiday Retirement community.

If you think senior living means sitting around and doing nothing, think again! At Holiday Retirement communities, we have activities of all kinds. And we are always open to hearing new suggestions. Get ready for the best times of your life!

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