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Volunteer activities for senior community residents

People who volunteer often report improved feelings of health and overall well-being, all while making the world a better place. Summarizing decades of research, the Corporation for National and Community Service writes, "Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer." Because volunteering generally provides a healthy social outlet and opportunities for physical activity, seniors who volunteer typically feel more connected to themselves and to the greater community.

Volunteering ideas for seniors

There are countless organizations doing great work that need assistance and would graciously welcome senior volunteers. Here are examples of a few volunteer activities for residents living in senior communities:

1. Foster Grandparents Program: Seniors can volunteer to act as Foster Grandparents by helping mentor and support children and young adults who would benefit from receiving extra help and guidance.

2. Assist at an animal shelter: Many people find working with animals to be immensely peaceful. Animal shelters and local humane societies often welcome help from community members who are able to provide daily care for the animals.

3. Teaching children to read: Another favorite activity for volunteers is our Seniors Serving Seniors and Society Program. Seniors who help teach literacy often report feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure after teaching someone such an important and valuable lifelong skill.

4. Become a poll worker: Election season is in full swing, which is a great reminder that poll workers are in high demand. Our nation relies on diligent poll workers who are serious about the fairness and integrity of the voting process. This is a perfect position for many seniors looking for ways to get involved with their greater community. Poll workers help assure the voting process goes smoothly on election day and for vote-by-mail states.

5. Be a Pink Lady at a local hospital: Since 1963, Pink Ladies have welcomed hospital visitors, guided them to different wings, and accompanied patients to and from surgery. This is a favorite volunteer activity of Sierra Hills resident Betty Yeats, who has volunteered as a Pink Lady the past 10 years and was recently recognized as an exceptional volunteer by our Seniors Serving Seniors and Society Program.

Holiday Retirement's Seniors Serving Seniors and Society Program

Holiday Retirement strongly encourages residents to volunteer in their Seniors Serving Seniors and Society Program. Some activities undertaken by the Seniors Serving Seniors and Society Program include:

Fundraising for a wide variety of causes, including the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society

Collecting school supplies for underprivileged youth

Participating in blood drives

Organizing the donation of delicious baked goods throughout the community

Whatever volunteer activity you choose to do, you will feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from helping others.

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