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Moving your aging parent or loved one to a retirement community can be an involved task. Dealing with the logistics of downsizing, finding the right senior living community, and acclimating to a new lifestyle can be challenging for both aging loved ones and their family members.

Thankfully, you are not the first person in this situation. Family and friends who have moved their loved ones to a senior living community are great support systems and can offer sound advice on the transition; you can also look to experts on the matter.

Here are three books that offer advice on moving your aging parents or loved ones:

1. “Moving Your Aging Parents: Fulfilling Their Needs and Yours Before, During, and After the Move” by Nancy Daniel Wesson

Nancy Daniel Wesson’s book is a comprehensive look at downsizing and moving an aging parent or loved one. From objectively approaching the decision based on health and safety concerns, to learning how to ask the right questions when it comes to moving to a new environment, Wesson offers advice on how to keep both your and your loved one’s needs met while navigating the transition. While not specifically tailored to moving parents to a senior living community, the advice offered by Wesson is applicable to all senior living options, and highlights the most important (and common) aspects of moving an aging loved one.

You can purchase Wesson’s book here.

2. “Making the Move: A Practical Guide to Senior Residential Communities” by Lettice Stuart

In her book, Lettice Stuart explores the options available to seniors seeking a move to a senior living community. Stuart provides fantastic resources including a step-by-step checklist for all aspects of the moving process, as well as a complete overview of potential services offered, different housing options, and suggestions for determining the right fit for your loved one. With information on what exactly to look for in a retirement community and what questions to ask when you get there, Stuart’s book is a wonderful guide for both seniors and their families alike.

You can purchase Stuart’s book here.

3. “Moving Mom and Dad: Why, Where, How and When to Help Your Parents Relocate” by Sarah Morse

Weaving both emotional and pragmatic advice, Sarah Morse illustrates how to approach the topic of senior living with an aging parent or loved one. Morse’s expertise and passion for the subject matter is evident in the thorough checklists, humorous anecdotes, and useful advice she provides. She also highlights the benefits of different senior living options, and expertly emphasizes the importance of choosing the right option while simultaneously offering guidance on how to approach the topic with dignity and respect toward your loved one.

You can purchase Morse’s book here.

Each of these three books offers informative, practical advice for moving an aging parent or loved one, no matter his or her final destination. While each book may take its own individual approach to such an important life event, all three are rooted in a common theme: the well being of your aging parent or loved one is the most important factor in choosing a new community to call home.

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