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Let's face it, aging is inevitable. No one will ever escape the passing of time. So why not enjoy your senior years? Shed your to-do list and relish in the leisure of free time. Live independently and worry-free in a secure and safe environment while celebrating life with family and friends. Come live at a Holiday Retirement community; an independent, residential, senior living designed to enhance the golden years of senior living.

From coast to coast, our community apartments and cottages offer the safety, beauty, comfort, and peace of mind seniors deserve. Boasting more than 200 communities nationwide, you can choose to live in a spacious studio; a one or two-bedroom apartment; or even larger, more luxurious, cottages.

Touting Holiday's ability to provide a safe, warm, and welcoming environment, our residents have endless opportunities to create cherished memories with family, friends and their neighbors while maintaining the privacy of their very own homes.

Security Features and Technology

Our residential communities remain leaders in the protection and welfare of our extended family, our residents. Holiday is the only senior living community offering 24/7 emergency medical and personal assistance support through the Lively Mobile Plus device. And we've added medical-grade cleaning technologies in some of our communities through Safeguard Technologies.

With the Lively Mobile Plus device, a simple push of a button instantly connects you to a Lively Mobile Certified Agent for assistance, no matter where you are in the United States. Because time is of the essence in an emergency situation in the home or anywhere you may be, you will never be left alone regardless of the hour or place.*

Unlike some senior living communities, you will never have to worry about live-in managers or overnight security losing precious time as they wake up and try to locate you to assess a situation. The Lively Mobile Plus puts you directly in touch with a Certified Agent, saving precious time and possibly your life. Beyond medical assistance, the Lively Mobile Plus Certified Agents can assist you with driving directions, vehicle assistance, connect you with family members, and even be a friendly voice when you need someone to talk to. Read more about theLively Mobile Plus here

Utilizing the latest in Safeguard Technology, you can be sure we've done everything we can to keep our communities safe and sanitized. From the front door, through the common areas, up the elevator, and all the way to your apartment door, if it's been touched, we've disinfected it. As part of our commitment to doing everything possible to keep our Holiday family safe, we're also testing medical-grade cleaning technologies in some of our communities.

Communities Are Prepared for Natural Disasters

Holiday remains at the forefront in the planning of disaster preparedness through modern safety features that provide access to vital resources when necessary. We have proven disaster plans, back-up generators, and an abundance of resources and supplies, but best of all, we have our staff. You are their second family and they will do everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable. No matter where you live, Holiday is prepared for most any weather and natural disaster issues including severe storms, hurricanes, winter storms, wildfires, and tornadoes.

Senior hand writing on clipboard

Our recent response to theCOVID-19 vaccine distribution program is an example of how we rolled up our sleeves to get what was needed to protect our residents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deprioritized Independent Senior Living from the initial wave of vaccinations. That would have left our residents vulnerable to the virus without access to the vaccine. Holiday's Support Center and the local communities worked with independent partners nationwide to ensure that every single resident and community associate had access to in-community vaccination clinics for the COVID-19 vaccines. Over 25,000 people in all and all done in just a matter of months.

No other senior community offers the safety features or responsiveness of such a well-versed team to deliver the care and resources like Holiday We are steadfast and resolute in our ability to protect our extended family.

Dedicated and Caring Associates

Our senior residents are surrounded by dedicated and caring associates who understand the value of family, friendships and fun. Our associates are part of a community-driven family who work hard each day to make you and our extended family feel at home. They work to take care of the chores and all the other little things so you can truly make every moment matter.

Senior woman laughing with a younger woman

Strong Relationships with Trusted Partners

Senior living should be joyful. Holiday communities offer the best in security, safety, protection, care and most of all the joy of aging with dignity and grace all while having fun!

To ensure your safety and security are maintained, Holiday has built strong relationships across the country with trusted partners and solid financial resources throughout our 50 year history. These national and local relationships allow us to leverage our buying power and strong local community ties to meet the demand of most any circumstance.

Make Every Moment Matter At Holiday Senior Living

Why not live the life you deserve and start enjoying every day as a Holiday! Come take a tour at one of our communities today to see why so many of your new friends make every moment matter at Holiday.

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