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I would like to share how I made my decision to give up my home and become a resident at Dogwood Terrace.

I have to thank my daughter Stephanie for making me aware that, at age 79, it was time that I look ahead and give some thought to how I wanted to live out the rest of my years. I had to face the reality that I wouldn't always be able to do all that I do.

It was a difficult decision to sell my home and leave such a beautiful setting on a cul de sac with woods on each side and the lake in the back. However, the cost of maintenance of the yard and upkeep of the house was substantial when you have to hire things done.

After making my decision to sell my home, I selected favorite items from each room that I planned to take with me to my new home. Then I concentrated on getting rid of the rest. I held estate sales at different locations to protect my privacy until the final sale.

My daughter made appointments for us to tour at least two different facilities each Friday.

It was Dogwood Terrace that won our attention! ; The bright, cheery atmosphere and Chris Best, Sales Leader, who took us on the tour and shared all the information that we needed made my decision easy. Chris even chose to show me an apartment with a view of the woods that would remind me of my home.

I moved in with all the special items I had chosen from each room of my house and when my grandchildren came to visit me the first time, their comment to others was it's a miniature of Mema's house!

I have never, in the five years that I have lived here, ever regretted that decision. We have had changes in management and personnel over the years but it has always been for the better. Now, we have the most magnificent and caring management team under Kathy Robinson.

We also have the greatest Physical Therapy Department, AD Senior Medical and Southeastern Nurses on the premises in addition to countless other services available to us without having to go out.

Management is always working to find ways to help make our lives better and to provide the best experiences and enjoyment.

In any emergency such as the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there is no place that I would rather be! Management has taken every precaution to keep us safe and to make our lock-down a bearable experience. Kathy was always a step ahead ; in executing procedures for our safety.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you are a part of the decision to make the move. Do not wait until you are unable and others have to make the decision for you.

Come join us while you are able to enjoy making new friends and building lasting relationships. I also recommend that you try to bring some very special items of furniture or other things that will help maintain continuity, and give you comfort and joy.

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