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Right brain/left brain: Here’s how to train both

There’s more value than you might think in training your brain. Research has shown that keeping the brain active can increase vitality, prevent mental decline and may even build upon reserves of brain cells and connections. It’s been suggested that staying mentally active may result in the generation of new brain cells. And that’s a pretty big deal.


It doesn’t matter if your left brain (logic, math, facts) or your right brain (intuition, arts, imagination) is more naturally dominant, you’ll want to keep both sides sharp and engaged. If you’d like to learn more about right brain/left brain theory, Healthline has a great write-up. But as our goal is putting both sides of your cranium to work, we’re going to skip straight to the part that’s full of fun and beneficial activities.


Learn something new

Pick something you’re passionate about and study up! Lifelong learning will keep your brain engaged with tasks that require both creativity and logic, and you’ll be able to wow your friends with insights at your next dinner party.


Find a hobby that requires focus

If you’re ready to master something new, but taking a class doesn’t appeal to you, why not pick up a new hobby? Hobbies that call for intense focus (think chess, intricate models and advanced crafts) will stimulate your brain in much the same way that taking up a new subject of study will.


Play games

Games engage the mind and refresh any number of skills each and every time we take the time to play. Try Sudoku or crossword puzzles if you’re solo or grab a friend for a round of backgammon or checkers. In truth, any game that keeps your attention will benefit your brain. Go on, get into it, it’s good for you!


Make something beautiful

Art is a wonderful practice for a lot of reasons and brain health just happens to be one of them. By indulging your creative side, you’ll stimulate your mind, relieve stress and maybe even bolster your problem-solving abilities. And bonus, you’ll likely walk away with something beautiful to behold.

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