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The trend for wellness is to get as much as you can out of the summer months without jeopardizing your health. This checklist will remind you to stay safe without breaking a sweat!

Senior man holding an ice cream and senior woman fanning herself

Early Bird

Getting errands out of the way before the heat of the day is the best way to avoid overheating, dehydration, and sunburn (not to mention those blazing hot steering wheels!) Try to make all necessary appointments as early as possible to avoid the midday sun.

This early bird theme also applies to cooking. Cooking early in the day and then reheating at mealtimes means less time spent in the summer kitchen.
Sun shining - Clip art

Night Owl

If you’re not much of an early bird, do it after dark! The night owl version of cooking and errands works to keep you out of the sun just as well. Many places have extended summer business hours so you can wait out the heat.

There are also many events and entertainments that come alive in the summer months. Evening hours at museums and zoos are increasingly popular as are outside movies and evening picnics.
Woman cleaning while the moon is out at night

Eat Light, Think Cool

Cool, light meals like salads (veggie, tuna, pasta, etc.) can be made in bulk ahead of time, are easily transportable, and usually take less energy to serve.

Foods with high moisture count keep us cool while we eat. The heavier, more protein-laden a dish is (think dairy and pork), the more energy it takes to digest, and that process makes us hot!

Healthy foods - Bananas, Watermelon, and salad

Water You Doing

Drink water. This may sound like the most obvious item on the list, but the truth is we do get sidetracked with busy schedules, and forget to hydrate and when we do it’s so often with caffeine products. Ditch that latte and tall glass of orange pekoe (not altogether) and reach for the H2O.

With so many apps, alarms, and cute water flasks available nowadays, it makes it easier than ever to reach your water goal for the day.

Tired of boring old tap water? Chill a pitcher of water with lemon or orange slices, mint, frozen blueberries, or cucumber slices included. Water with chunks of frozen watermelon gives instant beach vibes.

Also, a plant spritzer filled with cool water in the refrigerator is a refreshing pick-me-up on hot afternoons. Enjoy a nice spritz on your face and shoulders when you feel like cooling down.
Water bottle with glass of water

Be a Shady Lady

When you can’t stay in the shade, bring the shade with you! Sunglasses protect the eyes and keep us from squinting. Straw hats for men and women aren’t just for gardners anymore.

Parasols or sunbrellas come in so many exciting designs now, it can be your stand-out accessory. If you live where your summers are stormy, an umbrella can protect you from the sun as well as those unpredictable thunderstorms.
Senior man wearing sunglasses and standing in the sun

Here Comes the Sun(screen)

Sunscreen is recommended for every skin tone but especially if you frequently burn. Carry a spray sunscreen in your tote or purse for easy application when you leave home for ‘touch ups.’

Aloe Vera gel is also a handy summer item to have around the house for burns. Aloe Vera is also a nice all-around moisturizer for warm months when applying body lotion all over feels like being zipped inside a sleeping bag.
Someone putting sunscreen on their hands

Mellow Out

When the heat is on, keep exercise lively but laid-back. Try an activity such as tai chi, bocce ball or croquet. If you enjoy trail walking, swimming or golfing just make sure you keep cool and shaded as often as possible.
Senior walking in the sun

Dog Days

When the mercury rises, make sure your pet is in a cool place, away from hot asphalt, with at least one shaded spot for them and their water source.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving pets doesn’t keep them cooler and can actually upset their natural methods for cooling down and cause sunburn, so there’s no need for a summer shearing.
Dog and cat sitting inside a dog house

Have an AC Plan

If you don’t have air conditioning at home, make sure you have an air conditioning shelter in mind for days the indoor heat rises above 90F inside. A friend, a mall, or library will fit the bill. Keep an eye on the thermostat and stay safe.
Air conditioning unit and a standing fan