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Common misconceptions of senior living

At Holiday Retirement we strive to achieve many goals. One being, we want all of our community members to feel empowered to go out and live joyful, productive lives. It’s that feeling of strength, purpose, and belonging that provides the quality of life we want all our residents to enjoy. Some ways we achieve that are by offering floor plans that best suit their needs and styles, varied restaurant menus, and a calendar of events that offers a broad range of fun, inspired event options. Every Holiday Retirement community is designed to give residents the chance to live life to the fullest, and the GreatCall device is an integral part of that plan.

GreatCall is a GPS-enabled, two way communication device that allows Holiday Retirement Community members to get help anywhere there is cell device in the US. The best part: GreatCall is included for residents! Having access to this service gives residents the confidence to go out and enjoy life, knowing they can always get in touch with someone if they need help.

One call is all it takes. Just the touch of a button connects you to a caring GreatCall representative waiting to help. If you’re not sure when you’d use GreatCall, here are a few examples where you would do so.

Medical emergency

GreatCall representatives can help dial 911 or contact professionals for any type of medical emergency you may have.

Car trouble

Whether your car has broken down, you have a flat tire, or your keys are locked in the car, the GreatCall support team can contact someone to assist you. And they will remain on the line until help arrives.


Whether you’re in a new part of town or traveling out of state, a GreatCall representative can help you get your bearings, and steer you back in the right direction. And even if you’re close by, but can’t find your way, GreatCall can help. Perhaps you’ve walked a bit farther than you thought, or the tire on your bike is flat. In either case, with just the touch of a button someone will be on their way to give you a ride back.

If you need company

GreatCall agents are obviously always available to take action, but they’re also available if you need to talk. If you’re out shopping in the evening, use GreatCall to keep you company as you walk back to your car in a dark parking lot. Some residents even use GreatCall representatives to help them feel safe when out for an evening stroll. It also takes away the anxiety of being home alone, knowing you always have someone to call.

Having peace of mind as you go about your day is simply priceless. GreatCall helps give you that feeling, so you can focus on all the fabulous things life has to offer!

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