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MyStory: Perspectives from Residents 

Holiday Retirement has created an opportunity for residents to share their stories, poems, and more through the MyStory Email Inbox and the MyStory Phone Line. We wanted to give residents an opportunity to share with others their unique stories with others considering independent living.

On June 25, 2014 my husband of 58 years died. This was the beginning of my life changes.  On March 11, 2015 I had emergency Aorta Valve replacement open heart surgery.  My 6 children were extremely helpful and supportive.  I could not be alone for the first couple months and they were there for me. 

I always told my husband that we should sell the house and move into an apartment, but we never got around to making it happen.

On March 1, 2019 I fell in the house and fractured my neck.  I wore a neck brace for 8 months and definitely could not live alone. My 4 girls rotated and stayed with me.  Fortunately, three of them work from home and the fourth girl is a nurse.  My sons were available if needed but the girls did the caregiving.

Prior to the fall I was considering selling my house and moving into an apartment.

My sister and I visited several apartment complexes, but none interested me. My family tried to convince me to look at Senior Living Communities, but the thought of community living was not on my list.

Finally, I visited Regency Residence and I became a little interested. It was well kept, and the people seemed friendly. The scheduled meals and eating with 150 strangers stressed me out. I always ate whenever I got hungry. Sometimes I ate breakfast around noon and dinner around seven. I was a retired businesswoman for 34 years working with men and meeting strangers all the time, but I did not think I was outgoing enough to make new friends.

I knew it was time to relieve my children of the burden of caring for me. 

Three visits and 1 year later I was with my sister and youngest daughter visiting Regency again. The Marketing Director showed me an apartment and I knew it was for me. The three of them were shocked and I gave my deposit that day. 

When I got home, I realized what I had done and stressed again.  I had to sell my house. How was I going to do this financially?  One month later I moved into Regency Residence and I have not regretted it at all. I sold my house and had to downsize from 1700 sq. ft. house to 935 sq. ft. apartment.

The first 5 months were not easy getting organized and adjusting to the scheduled meals.  Community living is a real-life change.  The staff at Regency has been incredibly good at helping us through the CDC rules and I must admit that I am glad I made the change and moved here.

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